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Introduction to Amateur Rocketry:

ARocket is not affiliated with any of the organizations listed here. A listing here is not an endorsement and those who follow these links do so at their own risk.

Civilian Experimental Rocketry Test Area CERTA is a new, non-profit organization dedicated to improving math, science and technology education through hands on experimentation with various phases of experimental rocketry. CERTA is negotiating for a lease on a phenomenal new launch site for experimental and amateur rocketeers. CERTA is applying for an initial, permanent 100,000 foot altitude waiver, with windows planned to 350,000 ft.

Rocketry.org An excellent source for more amateur rocketry information.

Amateur Rocketry Page Richard Nakka has put much of his extensive development notes on the web for your enlightenment

Andy's beginner pages have a few low-buck links for a rainy afternoon's experimentation.

Amateur/Experimental Rocket R&D on the WWW:

Pacific Rocket Society

Reaction Research Society America's oldest surviving rocket society.

International Experimental Aerospace Society

Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society: The Bay Area's Non-profit Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine Design and Test Team

SERG, a Danish experimental rocketry group.

ASRI: the Australian Space Research Institute is a group that blurs the distinction between amateur and professional rocketry. They have launched the Ausroc series, well into it's third iteration, with a total impulse of 2.8MN. They also do research in hypersonic air-breathing propulsion and plan to launch a satellite in the next few years. Officially, they are a research organization, supported with assistance from govt and industry.

R.A.T.T. Works Dave Grifith has flown some very elegant hybrid and liquid rockets using N2O as the oxidizer.


 Aerospace Technology Guild Nice site with good documentation of future plans. A little short on hardware, though.

Kooiman Expermental Rocketry - Pegasus * Net They have launched a Potassium Nitrate/Sucrose powered rocket to 300 meters AGL.

DARK Danish Amateur Rocketry


NEAR Norwegian Experimental Amateur Rocketry

STAAR Research Scottish group developing rocket-planes using innovative aerodynamic approach: shock wave generated lift.

AspireSpaceBritish group working towards orbital capability

Project Freedom


National Association of Rocketry

Blurring the Line Between Amateur and Commercial

JP Aerospace "America's Other Space Program"  Their rockoon (high-altitude balloon launched rocket) project is nearing the edge of space.

Armadillo Aerospace is a small research and development team working on computer-controlled hydrogen peroxide rocket vehicles, with an eye towards X-Prize class vehicle development in the coming years.

Texas Spacelines Semi-pro with a large N2O & Propane motor

SpaceDev, Inc.

Cesaroni Technology Incorporated

Environmental Aeroscience Corporation


Starchaser Industries, Ltd.

European Sites (not in English)

Federazione Missilistica Europea European Rocketry Federation


University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Hybrid Rocket Facility Homepage University Hybrid research project

Rocket Propulsion Research Another university hybrid research project


Experimental Manned Rocketry Association of America Mixing rocketry and barnstorming...

 Technical Information:

NASA Technical Report Server

Chemical Propulsion Information Agency USA government repository of information.  Classified material may require special clearances for access.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Professional aero/astro engineering association.


The goal of the Rocket Workbench Project is to develop open source, high quality, hardware and software tools and subsystems for the design and implementation of experimental rockets. The first Rocketworkbench projects were for opensource software. Rocketworkbench is now expanding into hardware projects asw well.

wRASP - Rocket Altitude Simulation Program for Windows

SpaceCad rocket building software.

DART Digital Amateur Rocket Tracking System This project is no longer maintained but it is still useful.


Funding: (Here's that money I spoke of earlier)

X-Prize A Ten million dollar prize for two human suborbital jumps to 100 km!

See Also:

The Amateur Rocketry Links Library Hans Olaf Toft maintains an excellent amateur rocketry links library, highly recommended!

Rocketry Online Extensive High Power and model rocket resource, many thing of interest to amateur rocketeers.

Books on Astronautics, Spacecraft Design and Spacecraft Systems. Astronautics. Space Exploration at University of Southern California.

Brian's Space Hotlist is one of the premier space links pages on the web, and is highly recommended.

Model Rocketry

Model Rocket plans and manuals

Some Estes Catalogs on line.

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