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ARocket1 - The First aRocket Event: 2-8 April 2001

02 April 2001

The First Day: On hand are Richard Nakka, Carl Blood, Brian Kosko, Dave Johnson, Ken Goldstien, Paxton, and Ray Calkins.

Today is dedicated to meet, greet and solid propellant casting. Brian Kosko's house is solid propellant central today, with both HTPB and sugar motors being cast side by side. Videos of previous tests on the static test stand were shown, and people got to know each other. Everybody got to know each other, and share expertise. On schedule for tomorrow are first flight of Richard Nakka's Kappa rocket, and a night launch, featuring Brian Kosko's GREEN and RED propellants.

It's been five years since experimental rocketeers have been meeting and working together on the internet with aRocket. We've all learned a lot since then. Now, it is time to come together to put all this knowledge to use.

You are invited central New Mexico and bolt your motors up to the aRocket static test stand. There, you will be able to use a state of the art multiple channel computer data collection system to evaluate your motor's performance. The creators of this system have tested rocket motors for Robert Truax, Microcosm, TRW Aerospace and USAF Phillips Labs. If you have any specific requests, please let us know in advance. Standard policy applies:

1: the test stand operators or aRocket assume no liability for your test or consequences thereof.

2: you break it, you buy it.

3: the data becomes public domain.

4: your assistance in upgrading the site is requested, in a spirit of community service.

Any variations on this policy can be accomodated with cash or barter, but require prior negotiations.

Also at the event will be Lowell Randall. Lowell is the last surviving member of Robert Goddard's team. Considering that they invented almost every rocket innovation in use today, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Launching will also be accomodated. We have a launch area in the North Extension Area of White Sands Missile Range. Flights up to 20,000 feet Above Ground Level have been approved by the FAA. This is a large flat treeless area, in an arid region, great for launching and recovering rockets. High risk rocket launches should be reserved for the weekend, when the local volunteer fire department will be on site.

In addition to the Amateur static tests and launches, a Tripoli launch will occour during two days of the week long event. Level III flights will be certified. Several Level III flights are scheduled.