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The AROCKET Discussion List

Since early in 1996, the aRocket e-mail list has been active, providing a forum for discussion for all sorts of experimental rocketry topics worldwide. There are almost 400 people using this free service.

Join the list.

To subscribe to aRocket go to the subscription page which gives some information about the list.

Some Other Lists

IEAS has some excellent online forums for the advancement of Experimental Aerospace. Current major topic headers include - "Safety", "General Discussion", "Launches", "Membership", and more, as well as regional discussions.

There is a new list for solid propellant enthusiasts. The main reason for the list is to create a world forum for solids devoid of extraneous posts about anything not solid propellant related.

ChemRoc is an e-mail discussion group for amateur rocketeers. All rocket motor related scientific interests are welcome.

These are the official policies of the aRocket forum.

There are a number of goals this list exists to achieve:

1: Creation of ultra low cost space access technology.

2: Development of a more unified and open amateur rocketry community.

3: Promote a safety-first attitude amongst rocketry experimenters.

4: Demonstrate and promote the peaceful uses of rocketry.

5: Assist in the resolution of conflict between regulation and civil rocketry.

In support of these goals, the following policies have been created:

1: Communication on the list should support such goals, such as amended by the forum body (especially discouraged are disparaging remarks likely to induce disparaging replies, i.e.: flaming).

2: First infraction results in a response dependent on the level of violation. Possible responses range from a verbal warning from the list owner to unsubscription from the list, blocking from the list, to request that the offender's ISP account be revoked. All previous occurrences have resulted in the offender posting a public apology to the list, this is the recommended behavior.

3: Second infraction results in removal from the forum. This material is too important to take trivially. These draconian measures might seem extreme to some. Please accept my apologies.

4: References to additional sources highly recommended.

5: Relevant advertisements are allowed, but it is HIGHLY recommended that they be relevant to the list objectives and that the subject header include as it's first characters: [AD] Recommendations from a satisfied customer are always appreciated.

6: Latest revision of policy will be posted on the aRocket web site and major revisions will be posted to the list.

7: Requests to the list owners or to the arocket list to be removed from the list require a minimum of 48 hours to process. We occasionally do take a few days off from this unpaid job, sometimes we are offline to actually do rocket work. Proper requests to the automated list management software are nearly instantaneous, although the internet may take a few days to deliver messages sent prior to your request.

8: The submission of a virus, trojan-horse, or similar code onto the list will result in immediate removal. Contacting the list owner after disinfecting your system will allow you to be added back to the discussion. For this reason, the inclusion of attachments or e-mail in HTML format is highly discouraged. If you need to post a picture, software or similar for list distribution, contact the list owner for assistance.

9: Discussions of weapons or weapon delivery systems are not allowed. Likewise, discussions not related to amateur rocketry are off-topic.